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Awnings Rockhampton & Sunshine Coast


Automatic Lock Arm Fabric Awnings

Protect your home and cut down your cooling expenses with Australian-made Automatic Lock-Arm Fabric Awnings.

Fabric reduces the total heat load on and in your house, minimizing the need for supplementary cooling.

Your valuable carpets and furniture will be protected from direct or reflected sun damage. The close-fitting design of this versatile and attractive awning makes it an excellent choice for ground floor windows, offering the benefits of optimum privacy and sun protection.

Easy function, self-locking arms enable simple shade adjustment, and when the sun goes down, the awning can be rolled away neatly into the head box.

Straight Drop Fabric and PVC Awnings

Straight Drop Fabric & PVC Awnings are perfect for enclosing pergolas, verandahs, outdoor living areas and restaurants for privacy and weather protection.

Custom-made to suit your specific needs, Straight Drop Awnings are designed to maximize the use of your outdoor areas all year round without creating a visual barrier.

With the 3 options of the controls, which include the spring control, crank operated and the Somfy motorized controls.

Allview has a large range of Viewscreen and Block fabrics to choose from. PVC drop down awnings are available in clear or tinted.

Ziptrak Awnings

With the unique track system on the side the roller and the spline welded into the fabric, this system will eliminate all unwanted flapping noises PLUS the benefit of enclosing the Patio or Verandah in from the external elements. With the test rated to the 140km wind speeds the Ziptrak is one of the best awning solutions on the market.

Louvre Metal Awnings

Australian-made Louvre Metal Awnings provide excellent protection from the elements, providing one of the best ways of keeping your home cool in summer. In fact tests prove that Louvre Metal can deflect up to 90% of the heat normally transmitted through a window.

Constructed from curved steel or aluminium panels, they are rigid and corrosion resistant to endure Australia’s harsh conditions. And with the adjustable model, the angle of the awning panels can be opened or closed to provide your home with extra protection and privacy, or uninterrupted views.

Channel Awnings